"Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward
from him.” Psalms 127:3

“Not all of us can do great things but we can do
small things with great love.” Saint Teresa

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Year 6

Week 14 Home Learning - July 13th 2020

Week 13 - Home Learning - July 6th 2020

Week 12 Home Learning - June 29th 2020

Week 11 Home Learning - June 22nd 2020

Week 10 Home Learning - 15th June 2020

Monday 8th June 2020. 


Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all well. 


Below this post you will find the timetable and the resources that you need for your learning this week. 


Remember to keep sending me your work via DOJO or email - it is lovely to see! This week I would like everyone to contact me via email to let me know how you are getting on with your work and how you have been. My email address is 


Remember if you are struggling or unsure about anything, get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Have a great week, speak to you all soon. Love Mrs Douglas 




Monday 1st June 2020.

Hello Year 6!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, spending time with your families in this glorious sunshine!smiley

Today is the beginning of Summer Term 2 and although, again, it is very different to what we have been used to –  we need to make the most of it.

Starting today we are back to a formal way of learning and working, with tasks and activities that are hopefully going to help you prepare for Secondary School.

I want you to try really hard to complete these tasks daily and get yourself back into some kind of structure and working routine.

Please upload as many of your tasks as you can, onto Dojo or you can email them to me., to show that you are engaging.


I will be back in touch with you all this week via email and telephone where we will have a chat as to how your work is going.

It really is important that you engage as much as you possibly can!


Have a great a week, work hard and stay safe. I hope to see you all soon.

Love Mrs Douglas.


Monday 18th May 2020. 

Hello Year 6,

Here we are, in our final week of this term. A very different and difficult term with lots of new ways of learning. Nevertheless, you have shown me how fantastic you are by completing the tasks and learning I have set for you on a weekly basis.smiley

Last week, the activities  you uploaded were awesome! It was brilliant to see them all and I was very impressed – Well done everyone!

It is fantastic to hear that you are all keeping yourselves safe and well during this difficult time. I have really enjoyed speaking to everyone again this week either by telephone or email, and look forward to doing the same again this week.


I continue to miss you all, and miss talking to you on a daily basis. I am very proud of you all, for continuing to be the best you can be, in these difficult and uncertain times. I also want to take the opportunity to thank your families for supporting and encouraging you to do this! heart


Below you will find our learning for this week. Have a look at the timetable first so that you can see the tasks I have set.


Then look at the “activity grid” so that it all makes sense.


Underneath those you will find the Maths booklet you need to support the tasks for this week. 


Be careful with the “Stormzy Comprehensions” – you only do one of them, not all three!


Then finally the “Door of opportunity” booklet from "Talk for Writing". 


Remember any problems - please get in touch via email - 


 Have a great week, speak to you all soon, Love Mrs Douglas x heart


Monday 11th May 2020. 


Well Year 6, this should have been your SATs week!

Some of you may be feeling very relieved, some of you may feel disappointed and some of you may be wondering … What would have happened?!


Regardless of these feelings, I want you to remember that you are ALL fantastic! Every single one of you, worked your socks off and made HUGE progress during the time we had together before the lockdown happened, and I know we would have smashed them! wink


However, I certainly did not need those tests to know or to recognise all of the more important qualities you all already own and show on a daily basis... Such as; Compassion, Creativity, Generosity, Confidence, Kindness, Understanding, Courage… The list is endless, I could go on and on! heart


Know that I am very proud of you all, I miss you dearly and I am still cheering you all on in everything you do and hope you are keeping safe. A huge well done to you, for engaging with the tasks and the learning I am setting,  I know it is not easy and it is wonderful to see your efforts via email and DOJO!


As you will see this week is different and it is all about celebrating you as this is what we would have been doing in school this week – it would all be about you!! (I have also put on some Maths activities there for those of you who asked for more Maths work! We will go back to more formal learning next week.)


But for now, try to keep up with your daily reading, TT Rock stars and your other programs but have fun this week, with these activities! You deserve it.

Speak through the week, take care, sending lots of love Mrs D x smiley

Learning grid this week.

Monday 4th May 2020.


Hello Year 6, I hope you are all well! 


It was lovely speaking to you all again this week and wonderful to hear how well you are all doing! Thank you for sharing your tasks and activities with me - you're working very hard.yes


This week your learning is a bit different - have a look at the time table below! 


I can't wait to see all of your wonderful creations and ideas! 


Have a great week, stay safe love Mrs Douglas x smiley

Week 5 - Online learning.

 Hello Year 6. 

It has been wonderful to hear from you all via email this week - thank you for your responses!

I am very proud of you and all of the wonderful work you have been submitting on Dojo! Please keep this up.


Below is your timetable for this week as usual - the activities I would like to see on DOJO are highlighted in yellow. But don't forget, you can share any learning / activities that you have been up to, these are just what I would really like to see! 


Stay safe, keep in touch, Love Mrs Douglas smiley

Online timetable for week commencing 27th April 2020.

Hello Year 6, I hope you are all well and safe. 


I have uploaded another timetable and set tasks for the week ahead. I have highlighted the ones that I would like you to upload onto Class Dojo for me. 


It is really important that you try your very best to complete as many of these activities as you can. You all made such fantastic progress from September and we need to keep that going! 


I have assigned some books to you on Epic and I would like you to read and quiz on these. 


Grown ups if there are any problems please do not hesitate to contact me via email at 


Take care everyone, speak soon. Mrs Douglas x 

Hello Everybody!

I hope you are all keeping safe, staying at home and taking very good care of yourselves and your families. I am missing you all very much and sending lots of love.

Unfortunately, we are not going to see each other for a while, so I will be updating this class page weekly with new learning, different activities and lots of encouragement to keep you all going.

To allow us to share our wonderful work and new learning I have created us a class page using the app Class Dojo. Adults you should have an email regarding joining information. If this is not the case please contact me via;

On the weekly plan I have highlighted which tasks I would like to see uploaded onto our Class Dojo page so that we can see how we are all getting on. Other online tasks will be recorded on the system with a start and end date.

Great news - You are now able to quiz at home using Accelerated Reader.

All children MUST complete the quizzes INDEPENDENTLY.

Please make sure you allow children to complete quizzes on books that they have read, on their own – as this impacts their current reading age that we are monitoring in school.

To access the site; 

Children have their own log in to be able to quiz on books they have read.

Stay safe, thinking of you all, love Mrs Douglas x x

Online Learning Week 2

Year 6 Home learning plan and resources.