"Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward
from him.” Psalms 127:3

“Not all of us can do great things but we can do
small things with great love.” Saint Teresa

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World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2023


What a fun time year 2 have had today celebrating World Book Day. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters and had fun writing our own stories and designing our own front covers. We also shared some of our favourite stories with Year 4. 

World Book Day 2023

National Poetry Day - Thursday 7th September 2022


Today has been a very special day for Year 2. We have been celebrating National Poetry Day. Since the theme for today was 'The Environment', we have been doing lots of activities which look at the animals, wildlife and world around us. We started our wonderful day by drawing pictures of our favourite animals and wildlife. Many of us chose to draw examples from the Beatrix Potter stories that we have been studying in class. We then explored a poem called Nature Trail by Benjamin Zephaniah before writing our own group poems. We went on a little nature walk to help us and even used this to practice our counting and greater than and less than work in Maths. We then wrote some lovely pieces of music to accompany them on Purple Mash. 




Mr McGregor's Garden


At the bottom of my garden,

Beautiful butterflies flap their wings,

Rude rabbits munch and crunch my carrots

And a silly squirrel sings.


At the bottom of my garden,

Slimy worms wiggle and slide,

Tweeting birds chirp a cheeky song,

Under the ground, terrified moles hide.


At the bottom of my garden,

Purring cats scratch my wall,

Squiggling caterpillars get ready to change,

In the swaying trees which stand stall.


At the bottom of my garden,                        

God’s creation continues to grow.

Thank you God for choosing us to care

For your animals, trees and rivers that flow.


By Grace, Lailah, Persephanie, Ruby, Cally, Shania, Hunter, Isla, Leia and Jacob. 



Mr McGregor's Garden



At the bottom of my garden,

There are tall trees all around,

With rustling red leaves

Falling gently to the ground.


There are white fluffy clouds

Floating across the sky,

As a beautiful little butterfly flies on by

Tiny baby blackbirds chirping away

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine day.


In the bushes there are berries,

Juicy and sweet and dewy,

Wet grass beneath my feet.


Dainty daisies pushing through the earth.

Creepy crawlies digging in the dirt.

Nettles stinging but we don’t care.

Oh Lord, Thank you for the wonderful world we share.


By Harley, Theo, Korben, Luceaiyde, Anastazia, Karli-Jo, Caleb, Danni-Mae, Nancy and Addisyn.



Mr McGregor's Garden


At the bottom of my garden,

A screeching seagull searches for wiggling worms,

Furry caterpillars eat leaves, taking turns,

A mischievous cat creeps around.

A friendly woodlouse on the ground,

Tall trees waving in the wind as it blows,

Pretty roses and daisies more beautiful as they grow.

Thank you God for the world we see,

Thank you God for choosing me.


By Kylan, Miley, Maya, Tommy, Emilia, Mason and Nate.






Poet From The Peaks - Wednesday 28th September 2022


We were extremely excited to receive a special visitor today. Andy Tooze is a poet who has written many poems and books. We were very lucky to have him work in our class, teaching us how to create a simple poem about our favourite animals. We talked about how God created all of the animals for us to care for and described why we liked them. We hope you like our poems.